Because if you can’t rely on your mates to send you tasty treats and spicy sex toys, who will?

BatchFace is an unconventional, unapologetically bold, and unbelievably cheeky gift box experience that gives the middle finger to boring-AF pressies.

Bringing together the sweetness of homemade custom cookies with the spiciness of sex toys (and a dash of bold booze-y options), our gift boxes are for the people who think flowers suck, vouchers are for losers, and generic scented candles are *SO* 2006.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding, a baby - or NOT having a baby! – we've got the perfect gift to give the non-basic batch in your life.

Our cookies are made from Nanna's famous recipe. (Which we nicked. From Nanna.)

Launching itself onto the scene in 2018, BatchFace (previously known as JK's Bakeaway) is the sass-mouthed brainchild of Adelaide’s Favourite Potty-Mouthed Baker*, Jenn Kulow.
As a girl, Jenn spent hours watching her dear Nanna bake. By the time she was in her
late teens, Jenn had learnt three life-changing lessons from her time in the kitchen:

Life-Changing Lesson #1: Never underestimate the simple pleasure of creating something from nothing and the joy it brings to people.

Life-Changing Lesson #2: Self-love and acceptance is the REAL key to happiness (so just eat the damn cake already!).

Life-Changing Lesson #3: There’s a secret trick to making the world’s best cookies – but
that’s for us to know and you to find out.

Armed with Nan’s recipes, a can-do attitude, and a hard-on for being cheeky, Jenn set out to shake up the gifting market for the better.

To create gifts that tasted as good as they looked - and *felt* even better.

Gifts that could be sweet and spicy – naughty and nice - at the same time.

Gifts that left the receiver empowered to put their pleasure first – even if only for a
couple of hours.

Less bullshit. Less waste. Less generic, meaningless, *vanilla* crap in a box.

More surprises. More laughter. More fun. More connection. More joy

Because, hot damn, it's what Nanna would have wanted.

So, weird segue… but why sex toys?

We want to break down the stigma around sex toys, give the middle finger to self pleasure shame, and start the kinds of conversations that make other Batches blush.
That’s why we’re fierce champions of:
� Body positivity/body neutrality
� Embracing your sexual desires
� Feminism ✊
� Normalising pleasure
� Celebrating the naughty side in everybody
� Serving up our sweets with a side of spicy

Because frankly? We’d choose a Big O over a lil’ bunch of flowers anyday.

We also donate $1 from every order to to support charities such as, The Humour Foundation, Share the Dignity and Heart Kids.

Right, let’s get cocked cooked cookie-d!